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There are three "typical" "volksemphanger" & whilst not combat fieldgear, a "peoples radio" somehow made it into my collection. Power supply capacitors have been changed & a cord added. Works perfectly! 


This speaker "box" is about 8" (200mm) square and is constructed of "prestoff" type cardboard. Interestingly, the frame of the speaker visible in the 3rd pic from left is also  made from this material. The only metal parts are the magnet & coil.

Radio Accessories.

Combo mic & earphone handpiece shaped to use while wearing a helmet.


       Achtung Feind Hort Mit!                                  Feind Hort Mit!                             Feind Hort Mit! (Flat front plate)                      Upside down WaA                          WaA in usual position

I've noted at least 3 variants of this microphone so far. Also interesting is the change between 3 pin plug & 2 pin plug.

Throat mics & headphones are on my "Wire" page. At some point I will move them to here, but in the mean time, they can be seen here.

Field Radio's

Click images  for more detailed pics! 

Kleinfunksprecher d (KlFuSpr.d) "Dorette"                   Feld. Fu. b




Torn Eb.                                                                                                   Lichtsprechgerät


Some fun in the sun with the Torn Eb set up. Repro batteries as you can see, but now fully operational!              Lispr Work in progress........ click pic for more!



Torn Fu. d2.                                                                                            Mw.E.c