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Throat Mics

 Throat Microphone variations. Above with Slide type switch. Centre pic with turn type switch. Click pic for details Above; The original "Hands Free" kit for fieldphones!


Switch detail. Note both have "L" numbers which I assume is Luftwaffe. These mics are terminated with the 5 pin plug for use on the FF33 field phone. 



Headset Variations



Three variations of Headphones. Notice the middle set are marked "V.U." This marking is unidentified.

Dfh.f 45 Note the "short" bodied plug. This pattern is for the Back pack (Feld Fu) radios. Dfh.b "Panzer headphones.

Morse Keys

Standard Type Morse Key.                                                           Smaller Morse key                                          Much of the text seen in old manuals is in script. Click the pic to enlarge

The warning on the cover says "vor dem Offnen Stecker herausziehen" (Pull plug out before opening)  



This is a test unit that when pressing the morse key, a tone is heard. The unit is fitted with a volume control on the front and accepts an external power supply on the back. Marked WaA900 & 1942


Earth Stake

The earthing stake was often used with both radio & wire communications. It can be seen in use with field phones & the switchboard. Earthing one side allows for single wire communications to be run between phones and this makes for both a quicker connection, and no confusion over which wire is earth etc. It does however provide a security problem in that anyone with a phone can easily tap into the wire & simply earth the other side. There is no risk of accidentally earthing the "live" wire & cutting communications thus alerting the enemy to the intercept.


Ground stake & carry sheath. Maker marked cdc41 & WaA1* (obscured)


Ground stake terminal detail. Marked "R&S" 1940 & WaA although the code is obscured.


Switchboard & Field Phones

10 line telephone switchboard. Click pic for more detail.                                                                                                                                  Multi plug to use 2 hansets of FF33. Click pic for more

Field phone 33. Click on pic for more, including a "How to wire 3 phones together" diagram. Signal troops in the field carried all the spare equipment in a specially designed pack. Click here to jump to the "Packs" page for a full description.


Short extension cable. This could be used with the handset or the Throat mic shown above.