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Throat Mics

 Throat Microphone variations. Above with Slide type switch. Centre pic with turn type switch. Click pic for details Above; The original "Hands Free" kit for fieldphones!


Switch detail. Note both have "L" numbers which I assume is Luftwaffe. These mics are terminated with the 5 pin plug for use on the FF33 field phone. 




Earth Stake

The earthing stake was often used with both radio & wire communications. It can be seen in use with field phones & the switchboard. Earthing one side allows for single wire communications to be run between phones and this makes for both a quicker connection, and no confusion over which wire is earth etc. It does however provide a security problem in that anyone with a phone can easily tap into the wire & simply earth the other side. There is no risk of accidentally earthing the "live" wire & cutting communications thus alerting the enemy to the intercept.


Ground stake & carry sheath. Maker marked cdc41 & WaA1* (obscured)


Ground stake terminal detail. Marked "R&S" 1940 & WaA although the code is obscured.


Switchboard & Field Phones










10 line telephone switchboard. Click pic for more detail.                          

Field phone 33. Click on pic for more, including a "How to wire 3 phones together" diagram. Signal troops in the field carried all the spare equipment in a specially designed pack. Click here to jump to the "Packs" page for a full description.