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Hello Collectors! I'm on a world-wide mission to find 2 specific scabbards.                                                                                              Lets see if the internet can help, as this will make looking for a "needle in a haystack" look easy.                                                   Please see if you have 44sgx 7788ii +/or 44pyy 306e Thank you!!

First, the ubiquitous 84/98 Bayonet

A selection of 4, with early frog, web, narrow & strap type.                                     Early leather frog without strap.                   Wood grip Bayonet with web frog 

Narrow frog introduced circa 1942  Later frog with strap. Grips are riveted in place rather than the more common bolts on this late (1944) bayonet. 

KS98 Bayonet

This Dress bayonet is available in two blade lengths, 20cm & 25cm. The example above has an engraved blade typical of Infantry. "In memory of my service time" 

The longer blade example. At right, the two side by side to demonstrate the different lengths.

KS98 Bayonet "Fighting Knife"

This knife bayonet is a fighting knife that can be mounted to a rifle for use as a bayonet. The "King & Knight" logo is that of Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. 

 Fighting Knife

The more common fighting knife. Proof mark "Eagle 6" at right.


OK, I like bayonets & my Imperial German collection is starting to grow. Click here to go to the Imperial Bayonets page.









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