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Electrical equipment for Optics. Its pretty clear there is a fair amount of "add on" items for optics. Equally there seems to be little specific information out there on this. This page is a start on this gear. Please email me if you have more info, comments, items etc.


The standard battery box. Also seen in tan & early patterns with a leather covering.


The 'standard" light lead to go on the optic rail to illuminate reticles. At right, late war switched plug.


Double socket with switch. The light lead above can be plugged in & switched on & off as required using the push through type switch. Also used with the illuminator below plugged into the "Handlampe" terminals. These terminals are live regardless of switch position so the illuminator is always live. Usually only used with the MG optics.


The "Illuminator" is used to read the aiming circle etc at night & has its own press button to operate. Above, the dimmer used with "B" type 1metre rangefinder & other equipment requiring 2 light leads. Sockets top & bottom on the left side accept the light leads. The lower right socket is not affected & is used for the Illuminator.


Illuminator & light lead plugged into the double socket. At right, the dimmer with 2 light leads & the Illuminator connected.


Pouch for lighting equipment.  Made of prestoff like many German pouches, & is marked on the back "Gebr. Wichmann" The little pouch inside the lid contains 4 spare light bulbs.


Beleuchtungsgerät box. (Lighting equipment for the reticle in larger optics) The box contains 4 batteries, a battery box, spare lamps, illumination cable, a light that is worn on the head, (which uses the bakelite torch type battery box as a power supply) & a small bag that it all goes into.





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