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The Fuse collection so far, & my intention is to build this up to represent the commonly used types. There are still a few I need for my core collection. If anyone can help, please email me.
I need: SMiZ44, ZDZ29, & the Zunderbehalter.
If you have anything for sale not listed, please also contact me. Thankyou!

Grenade Fuses

BZ24 & BZ39 fuses for stick & smoke grenades                                             BZE fuses for egg grenades. 1 second, 4.5 & 7 seconds delay

Mine & Demolitions Fuses

TMiZ42, TMiZ43, Gluhzunder28,  Reibzunder "West", ZuZZ35                                 ANZ29 Fuse Igniter                                     ZZ42                                     ANZ39

  ZZ35 Pull Fuse                                                                                      Tin for 15 pieces ZZ35                                                                       Kipzunder43 (Tilt)

Bakelite container for 5 pieces SMiZ35                                                                                         SMiZ35 Pressure Fuse

Hebel Zunder 44                                                                                                              Teller Mine Fuse DZ35                   &                       DZ35B


  5 Minute Timer                                                                  Buck Chemical Igniter                          Typical Fuse Pocket         SF6 Chemical. Also used in Glassmine   


 TMiZ35 Teller Mine Fuse

Electrical bridge for use with S-Mine 35. It allows multiple fuses type ESMiZ40 to be used on a single mine. ESMiZ40 (Click pic for more detail)

The brass Ub (training) fuse for the 1kg charge