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Gasmasks & Accessories

Two gasmask cans. The left one retains its cleaning cloth & spring.


Gasmask Model 38



Gasmask Model 30


Spare filter & cloth carry bag



Gasmask spanner to stretch the mask. Dated 39


Tropical & Green gas capes.




Losantin tablets..

1942 dated pack of Losantin tablets. The tape sealing the packs were also colour coded to the year of manufacture. This one should be light green.

The colours are: 1940 = red tape, 1941 = black tape, 1942 = light green tape, 1943 = yellow tape, 1944 = unknown, 1945 = unknown 

Decontaminant ointment.

This usually came in an outer container (not shown) & was the predeccessor to the losantin tablets.


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