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M24 Stick grenade 

Complete grenade at left, disassembled view at right showing BZ24 fuse & No.8 detonator fitted, along with pull string & bead 


Smoke stick grenade

                                                                             BZ24 fuse for stick grenade (top) & BZ39 fuse for smoke below. No.8 Det Centre.

M43 Stick Grenade



Frag Sleeves for stick grenade.

Frag Sleeves for stick grenade. Standard serrated at left, & smooth at right.

M39 Egg Grenade

The M39 Egg Grenade. This one has the carry ring visible at the bottom. They can also be found without the ring.

Smoke Grenade head with adapter for BZE fuse. 

Blendkorper Smoke grenade.

Inner & outer glass containers shown at right. On impact the glass breaks & the chemicals mix with air creating smoke

M42 Smoke grenade

Small egg smoke grenade with ANZ29 igniter



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