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Pistol grenades are those which are discharged from a flare gun. There are a variety of types of which can be fired from the smooth bore flaregun, the rifled bore flaregun (Z pistol) and the smooth bore flaregun fitted with a liner.

Grenades for smooth bore flaregun

Wurfkorper 361 (basically an egg grenade on a stick) & the Wurfgranate 326

This is a big grenade, the same explosive head size as the 61mm anti tank rifle grenade. It requires the use of a rifled liner in the pistol to fire it. A shoulder stock might also be very useful!


And for the rifled bore flaregun (Z Pistole)

These represent the 6 variants of ammunition for the "Z" pistol. 


Left; Sprengranate, Smoke Grenade "Nebel", Right; The Z message round. "Nacht" The black plastic top contains a small (6x4) graph like page & message form along with a small pencil.


Signal round (Green cap denotes star colour) Note the little "wings" on this round that pop out like a modern day missle!



And the rarest of them all ( & perhaps the only one in the Southern Hemisphere ! )

The ESW flare.

This flare has a multi position cap, & can be twisted to select the range of stars it ignites when fired. Click pic for more detail



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