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Standard ammo pouch.

 This one has the riveted rear strap, but on early variants the strap was fixed at the top and went under the pouch to the stud that secures the front strap. Later patterns also had the top end of the front strap riveted rather than stitched as shown.

G43 pouch.

This one has faint stamps on the back leather straps (L) KAR 43 & (R) **h 44 The fonts of the two stamps are quite different. The "KAR 43" stamp is flat where as the **h 44 was done with a sharp die to give a more cut like mark.

Black leather pouches marked bla44. Note brown leather straps at rear.

"Vinyl pouches. Web straps at rear marked fuq & 1945

K98 Breech Cover.

Ok, while its not really a pouch, this is the best place for it. Maker is Georg Al?? Gmbh Berlin 1940 The WaA is indistinct but looks like 100

Grenade Launcher Pouch                                           A Frames             

Click pic to go to "Rifle Grenades" page for full details.             Click pic to go to "A Fames" page for full details.

Rifle Grenade Bags

Rifle Grenade bags in green. Leather straps & roller buckle. 

Rifle Grenade bags in LW blue/grey. Web straps & friction buckle.

Fieldphone Extension Pouch

Maker detail at right. Dresden 1942 

This strap seems to be associated with the pouches. Its light weight construction& the clip visible in the middle looks like the wire of the headset should go under it. Buckle is also very light..  Maker gmn 1941 WaA136

Engineers Tool Kit Pouch

Engineers Bag

Engineers bag. I've managed to obtain a second example of different construction. Much finer material, & various shades. Late war I suspect. Click right hand pic for more images.

Engineers Pack

Nice example of the Engineers pack. Click left hand pic for more detail.

M39 Back Pack.

This is the later M39 pack that is fitted to the Y straps via the "D" rings on the back. The earlier M34 pack is identical except it has fixed shoulder straps. Inside of the flap has a large pouch & the main body of the pack has 2 side flaps covering the main area.

Signals Back Pack. (Fieldphone)

There are also variants of this pack, 1, 2 & 3. 

Packs are numbered 1, 2 & 3.  The contents of 1 & 3 are the same. A small "Fernsprechtruppe" is 4 soldiers, the "Truppfuhrer" & Nr.1, Nr.2 & Nr.3. Hence the pack numbers. Click pic for contents detail.

Artillery Pack

"Artillery" rucksack or pack. Note cord closure of the neck of the pack above.

Rear view showing light weight fixed straps. Note RB number. At right, the buckle detail with one side having a hook for quick release.

Artillery Pack Variant (Attaches to Y Straps)

Note this pack retains its front straps for zelt.

General Pack

Note colour variation in materials. A late war pack with variations in fittings


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