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Rifle Grenades

Rifle Grenades - Hollow Charge; 61mm, 46mm, 40mm & 30mm Anti Personell (2 x Yellow body) & a Propaganda grenade.

61mm Hollow Charge Anti Tank                                                                       46mm Hollow Charge Anti Tank

30mm Hollow Charge Anti Tank                                                                         40mm Hollow Charge Anti Tank

Sprenggranate Anti Personell

3 variant AP grenades. Early version at left, mid war at centre. Both these grenades can be used as a hand grenade as the base has a pull string to a 4.5 sec delay fuse. Grenade at right is the later version with no pull fuse.

Base detail. Pull fuse on left & centre.                                                                    Head variations. Note spanner hole at left, blank centre & slot at right

Top detail.

Propaganda Grenade



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Grenade Launcher Cartidges.

An enlarged pic of 2 types of grenade launching blank. Wooden "bullet" at left, crimp at right.

Grenade Launcher (Cup Discharger)

Standard Cup Discharger                                                                                                Spanner for cup. Note "flats" on tube at left.

The sight. Level on top & push button for Adjustment on the side.


Launcher Pouches

The pouch for the grenade launcher appears to be available in several variations. Two shown above, one with a seam on the front & the other with no front seam. Note green & grey strap variations. Makers dxb 42 at left & dkk 42 at right.

I am interested in more data on these. If you have one, (or more) could you email me at rob@fieldgear.org & tell me maker code, date, WaA, strap color (if fitted) & which style it is. (seam or not) Thank you!!

The early pouch below.

Early leather pouch with D rings rather than the usual fixed strap. Click here for more details. Comparison of 3 leather variants at right.

The web pouch. Picture courtesy of Ron Berkeley.

The Granatbüsch Grenade Launching Rifle

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