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The "Elementprufer"

The elementprufer (ie battery tester) can be found in both leather & bakelite cases. The instrument is basically a small voltmeter for reading the battery voltage. It has 3 scales that are selected by moving the knob on the back. Position 1 is for 1.5 volt batteries, position 2 for 3 volt, & position 3 for 4.5 volt batteries. The small window on the front at the bottom centre also show the position selected. You can see the "1" in red above for testing 1.5 volt cells.

Spannungsregler (Voltmeter)

The voltmeter face.                                                           Instructions inside the lid.


The voltmeter case open & the bottom panel partially open.    The underside of the meter showing lead storage area at left & battery compartment at right..

Maker plate on the end. Light WaA impressed into the wood above it.       The meter with lid closed ready for travel!


The Ohm Meter (Sometimes referred to as "Galvanometer")

This tester not only tests continuity but also measures resistance of circuits and detonators. It contains an ohmeter, resistance, and battery (1.5 volts). The battery is housed in a cylinder 4.7 inches high with the ohmeter on top. Adjusting screws for setting the ohmeter needle to zero and infinity are midway between the testing terminals. A built-in resistance protects caps from being initiated while being tested for continuity. The following picture shows a standard FF33 fieldphone battery for size comparison. This is the first example of this size battery I have found.


The "Test neon"

The neon is attached to a demolition machine or "Glühzünderapparat" to both excite the magnetic field before delivering the charge & as a test device. Note it can be set for 100 or 50 shots. Click pic for more detail.

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